Friday, August 4

Tour de Lane Signature "Bike Builders' Tour (30 miles)

Tour de Lane's signature ride offers the chance to see the manufacturing facilities and processes of Bike Friday, Co-Motion Cycles and Rolf Prima. We start out through low traffic back roads from our beautiful camp on Fern Lake and travel to Eugene's extensive Bike Path system, which can be followed through Eugene and Springfield. From the path, we access our area bicycle industry partners, where we are given guided tours of their manufacturing facilities.

Covered Bridge Ride (36 miles)


Oregon's Covered Bridge Scenic Bikeway is a 36-mile loop with spectacular scenery which begins and ends near Main Street in nearby Cottage Grove. Pedal past six historic covered bridges, including a ride through Mosby Creek Bridge and the Chambers Covered Bridge. Enjoy an added bonus of a view of Wildwood Falls. Riders and guides will be shuttled to/from Cottage Grove from Rally Central at Richardson Park. This ride has limited capacity.

Bike Path Showcase (60 or 70 miles)


The moderate 70-mile Bike Path Showcase starts from our beautiful camp on Fern Lake through low-traffic back roads, on past lightly rolling hills, through farmlands featuring a bison herd, llamas, cows, sheep, horses and many wild birds. At mile 9, we arrive at the Bike Route for Eugene and Springfield. Eugene/Springfield bike paths follow local rivers for roughly 15 miles. When we reach the outskirts of Springfield, we travel north into the foothills, through forest and riverside. Our group rolls back to camp through North Eugene and peaceful farm country, arriving in time for a swim, shower, and refreshing beverage.

Want a slightly shorter ride? This route provides an easy option to shave 10 miles off your excursion. We'll make sure you don't miss it, if you're interested.

When you're done riding for the day, return to Rally Central to enjoy the beer garden and share your stories from the day with fellow riders.

Please note, adjustments to the routes may be made due to road work or other factors, final route will be posted prior to the event and maps available at the event.

Community Partners

  • Bike Friday. Performance that Packs.
  • Co-Motion Cycles
  • Rolf Prima
  • Hop Valley