Saturday, August 5

Smyth Deep (33 miles)


This ride starts out with a climb, but evens out to allow riders to enjoy the scenery while passing through the peaceful countryside. This ride passes near several of the areas many wineries. Take note and plan to return after your ride to sample some of the country's finest pinots and award winning wines.

Around the Fern (49.4 miles)


Rally Central is located on Fern Ridge Reservoir, a 12,000 acre reservoir located on the Long Tom River. It is a popular site for boating, fishing and birdwatching, with portions surrounded by the Fern Ridge Wildlife Area, a wildlife management area providing a unique habitat for a variety of species including interring waterfowl populations.

Experience rolling hills as well as few steep climbs while travelling around the reservoir and the surrounding area.

Clear to the Coast (96.4 miles)


This ambitious route over lightly traveled roads takes us to the tiny town of Gardiner, just north of Reedsport. The ride actually ends at a location where support vans ferry riders to Winchester Bay to enjoy a taste of the Pacific before heading back to camp.

The ride begins with a jaunt through the town of Elmira, and skirts Veneta on rolling roads. Vaughn Road is flat-but-scenic and a 10 mile warm-up to some solid climbing and screaming descents on Wolf Creek Road. You have a lush forest all to yourself, as few cars travel to the coast via Wolf Creek/South Sister/Smith River Roads. After Wolf Creek, the last big climb is up to Oxbow Pass, starting at about mile 40. From there it is mostly flat-to-downhill as you leisurely make your way west. Great photo ops abound, including Smith River Falls, and 500-year-old, 265-foot Carpenter Fir. There is some chip seal to note, so this ride is for the stout of butt as well as the stout of heart.

PLEASE NOTE: There is a $20 surcharge for the Clear to the Coast ride, in addition to the event registration. This is to help cover the cost of the additional support and shuttle necessary for this route.

It is possible to register for this ride only, without registering for the entire event, at a cost of $99 (which includes ride support, SAG wagon and shuttle back to Rally Central).

Due to the logistics involved, on site registrations will not be available for the Clear to the Coast ride. Registration for Clear to the Coast will close on July 28.

Other rides to be posted soon.

Please note, adjustments to the routes may be made due to road work or other factors, final route will be posted prior to the event and maps available at the event.

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